The Cheek Lift

While your facial fat pads are closely packed areas of fat cells, they help give you volume, shape, and definition. Your cheekbones, jawline and chin are all given shape by these pads. With the aging process of the facial structure, your natural fat begins to deteriorate over time, giving way to sagging skin, depleted volume, sunken pockets and prominent wrinkles. All in which can drag the face down and give you an unwanted appearance.

At The Rolling Stone MedSpa, the dermal filler injection treatment is a non-surgical, safe and popular way to have your cheek volume restored in an instant. With results of beautifully lifted cheeks, how can one's spirt not be lifted too?! Be sure to schedule your private and complimentary consultation today to find out the details of your customized treatment!

Photo: Immediate "Before and After" Photos taken at The Rolling Stone MedSpa. Treatment: MidFace Cheek Lift                                                                        Product: Radiesse Plus 3ml 


Carrie Schuerfranz, RN

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